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Car Wash Services

Exceptional Car Wash Services

Rely on Us for Top-Quality Car Wash Services

If you are looking for an experienced car wash service that focuses on attention to the detail, look no further than Southern Classic Soft Cloth Auto Wash. Our experts will help keep your vehicle perfectly polished inside and out all year long. Visit us today for affordable and top-quality detailing services. We've got the longest tunnel and the most cleaning equipment in Roanoke.
Auto Detailing Service

The Finest Detailing Services in Town

Our professional detailers have the knowledge and skills to cover every inch of your vehicle to ensure a spotless result. Stop by for a carpet vacuum and shampoo, tire dressing, complete wax and other detailing services. Your car will thank you!

Count on Our Experts for All Your Auto Detailing Needs

Give your vehicle an automatic soft cloth wash followed by a hand-towel dry for an unbeatable shine your car deserves. Then come back again and save on your next wash with our valuable coupons

If you prefer, let our staff do the work for you with our professional detailing service. Schedule an appointment today for the ultimate cleaning of your car, SUV, truck or van.  We use only the highest quality products and the finest equipment to make your car sparkle.

Choose from a full range of services to suit all your detailing needs. Get a Club Card for even more savings - or give a Gift Card to a friend. Stop by today!

Protect Your Investment Today With Quality, Affordable Packages

  • Red Carpet Plus - $25.50
    • Wash 
    • Wheels
    • Undercarriage
    • Triple poly wax
    • Tire dressing
    • Interior vacuum
    • Window service
    • Armor all interior
    • Rain-x
    • Air freshener
  • Red Carpet - $20.50
    • Wash 
    • Wheels
    • Undercarriage
    • Triple poly wax
    • Tire dressing
    • Interior vacuum
    • Window service
    • Armor all dash and front doors
    • Air freshener
  • VIP Service - $16.50
    • Wash 
    • Wheels
    • Undercarriage
    • Triple poly wax
    • Interior vacuum
    • Window service
    • Wipe off dash
  • Platinum - $16.00
    • Wash 
    • Wheels
    • Undercarriage
    • Triple poly wax
    • Tire dressing
  • Gold Exterior - $14.00
    • Wash
    • Wheels 
    • Undercarriage
    • Triple Poly Wax
  • Silver Exterior - $12.00
    • Wash
    • Wheels
    • Undercarriage

Gift Cards and Club Cards Available for Discounted Services

Classic Club Card
  • Unlimited exterior washes for one full year
Regular price - $416.00 - 30% discount
Your price - $291.00
  • Unlimited exterior washes for six months
Regular price - $208.00 - 20% discount
Your price - $167.00

  •  Unlimited exterior washes for three months
Regular price - $96.00 - 10% discount
Your price - $86.40

Bakers Dozen Club Card
  • Purchase any 12 services and receive the 13th FREE

Gold Club Card
  • Unlimited regular washes, polish wax, sealer wax and undercarriage wash for one full year
Regular price - $624.00 - 30% discount
Your price - $436.00

VIP Club Card
  • Unlimited exterior washes, undercarriage wash with rust inhibitor, polish wax, sealer wax, vacuum, window service and wheels for one full year. A club wash for people who like a little extra service!!
Regular price - $858.00 - 30% discount
Your price - $601.00

*Prices based on a weekly wash schedule

Superior Car Wash Services

  • Full Interior and exterior detail $135.00 and up depending on condition of vehicle
*Appointment required*
Headlight restoration (Christiansburg location only) $50.00
**$35.00 if you get the headlight restoration with the full detail
  • Full exterior detail $70.00
  • Full interior detail $70.00
  • Exterior wash $8.00
  • Exterior wash w/ triple poly wax $10.00
  • Exterior wash w/ clear coat sealer wax $9.25
  • Exterior wash w/ interior vacuum and window service $12.50

Special Service Additions

  • Wheel cleaning $2.00
  • Undercarriage spray $2.00
  • Vinyl mat cleaning $2.00
  • Dash cream protection $2.00
  • Tire dressing $2.00
  • Interior vinyl protection $4.00
  • Exterior cream protection $4.00

Special Services (Wash, Wheels, and Tires)

  • Hand wax and go $35.00
  • Carpet shampoo $35.00
  • Seat shampoo $35.00
  • Carpet and seat shampoo $50.00
  • Full-size trucks and vans $10.00 extra

Prices Subject to Change Due to Condition of Vehicle

For a quality, professional clean call or visit Southern Classic Soft Cloth Auto Wash at one of our two convenient locations: 2855 N. Franklin St. in Christiansburg (540-382-1450) or 950 Orange Ave. NE Roanoke (540-343-1450).
Make your car look showroom new again.

Get the best quality car wash - at a more affordable price. Plus, we offer FREE Wi-Fi and complimentary coffee coffee and television at both locations.We're members of the Southeastern 
Car Wash Association (SECWA). 
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